Believe It Or Not, This Man Is The Father Of 106 Babies...

Believe It Or Not, This Man Is The Father Of 106 Babies And Counting

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46-year-old Ed Houben is currently considered as the “most virile man in Europe” because of his generous sperm donations. So far, he’s a father to more than a hundred babies already.

As the records indicate, two-thirds of those kids were made as he had sexual intercourse with some men’s wives. On the other hand, a third portion was produced via artificial insemination.

Ed said he started donating to the sperm bank back in 2002. He also admitted he was a virgin until he was 34 years of age but as of present time, it is believed that he is the world’s most productive sperm donor.

He has provided his free “service” for heterosexual couples, lesbian couples, and single women with fertility problems. Instead of utilizing syringes, he is a believer that getting women pregnant the natural way is much better because it has bigger possibilities of conception.

Ed also maintains a list of all the recipients of his donations for a purpose. He said: “If afterward, one of my kids meets somebody who does not know his natural dad is, he can check with this list.”

These days, women come to his house but he’s also willing to visit those who need his help provided that they pay for his travel and accommodation expenses.Ed Houben
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