“Gypsy King” Beats Up His Pregnant Girlfriend On Live TV After Learning...

“Gypsy King” Beats Up His Pregnant Girlfriend On Live TV After Learning That She Slept With His Step Son

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Nicolae Guta, Romania’s “king of gypsy music”, went berserk on live television after finding out that his step son had previously slept with his current girlfriend.

The incident happened on a Romanian chat show where the millionaire singer appeared together with his current girlfriend Iulia, his ex-wife Narcisa Guta and her son and Nicolae’s step son Nicu.

But this little family gathering quickly turned sour when it was revealed that his step son Nicu had a brief affair with his girlfriend Iulia. In fact it was Nicu himself who broke the news which angered Nicolae. To make things worse, Iulia didn’t even deny the allegation.

It seemed all this was too much for the Romanian star to handle as he lost his sh*t and went on to attack Iulia, grabbing her hair and frantically slapping the pole dancer. Security even had to step in to separate Nicolae from his girlfriend and all this was happening while the cameras kept on rolling.

Worst part is that Iulia was rumored to be pregnant with Nicolae’s child. Nicu then said that this was revenge for the way Nicolae treated his mother Narcisa when they were together. Nicolae, a notorious playboy, had also previously cheated on his then wife Narcisa.

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TV sure isn’t the place to air your dirty laundry, but love it or hate it, it sure makes for great entertainment.
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