Her Agency Told This Skinny Girl That She’s “Too Big” To Be...

Her Agency Told This Skinny Girl That She’s “Too Big” To Be A Model

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There’s been a lot of talk regarding unrealistic beauty standards in women, particularly women in the fashion industry; and these unrealistic beauty standards are just pushing women to the edge.

It’s understood that to be a model you have to look good. We’ve grown accustomed to seeing models as being super skinny but for some models, they’re just not skinny enough, at least according to their agencies. Charli Howard, a 23-year-old lady is one such model. Charli, a size six model, was told by her agency that she was “too big” for the industry.

Looking at Charli, anyone with eyes can beg to differ; she’s gorgeous. She’s got some fire in her too after she slammed her modelling agency on her Facebook page. She pointed out that she felt ashamed and upset on a daily basis for not meeting the ridiculous beauty standards that her agency has set. She even said that her agency pressured her to lose an inch from her hips despite already being as skinny as she could while remaining healthy.Girl Is ‘Too Big’ To Be A Model

She further went on to say that models are being made ill just to fit into sample size clothes. Well it seems like Charli isn’t alone in her fight as months ago 19-year-old Swedish model Agnes Hedengard also posted a video on Youtube showing her very skinny body which her agency also considers “too big” for the industry.Girl Is ‘Too Big’ To Be A Model

Watch the video here:

It seems like modelling agencies need a reality check on their unrealistic standards of beauty. If these models aren’t skinny enough, then I shudder to think what “skinny” looks to them. Charli also expressed her wish to continue modelling, but only for an agency that respects her and her body.

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