Homeless Man Drives a Ferrari after Being Rejected in a Fancy Restaurant

Homeless Man Drives a Ferrari after Being Rejected in a Fancy Restaurant

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Through the advancement of our world, it seemed to be that our behaviors have changed along with it. We try to “fit in” to the standards our society has set. Unfortunately some of them have turned out to be the destroyer of our humaneness.

Below is a social experiment executed by Josh Paler where he showcased how man’s appearance affects people’s judgment and treatment. At the beginning of the scene he dressed up as a dirty homeless man pushing a cart. He headed towards a fancy restaurant and approached the staff of the said restaurant. Then he asked if he could check the menu. They hesitated and questioned his capacity to pay. He insisted that he has money to pay and tried many times but he failed. To his dismay he left.

Josh changed into a neat, descent outfit and drove his black Ferrari in front of the restaurant. Again he approached the same staffs and asked the same questions. They rolled out the red carpet for him which is far from how they treated the homeless Josh. He revealed his identity and the staffs couldn’t believe their eyes.

Check the video below on what happened next.The restaurant maybe thinking that serving and accommodating a homeless will be bad for their business which is common for a lot of businesses and corporations. Business strategy as they call it.

Despite of the changes in our society we may still find ways to preserve and restore our humanity.
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