Horrific Video Shows Spider Washed Out of A Guy’s Ear

Horrific Video Shows Spider Washed Out of A Guy’s Ear

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This video will make you sleep with ear muffs. Or ear plugs. Or basically anything that will protect you from creepy crawling creatures!

Uploaded by News World on YouTube last November 1, this less than a minute footage shows us a spider being flushed out of a guy’s ear canal and it will surely make you cringe. It’s absolutely horrifying!

According to reports, the unlucky lad had been sleeping when the curious arachnid entered his ear. He eventually asked for help from one of his buddies and his friend had a brilliant idea – they’ll use water to wash the spider out. They, however, wanted to capture everything on camera and so we get to see the video below.

If you’re arachnophobic, considered yourself warned. This footage will make your skin crawl so look somewhere else.

For those of you still around, click the play button and see it for yourself:

The video has become a huge hit on YouTube and has gained nearly a million views in just 3 days time. Unfortunately, the comments section has been disabled.

We bet though that many will sleep with ear protection from now on. No one wants to have those nasty spiders inside their heads!

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