Hot Girl On Instagram Earns More Money Doing Selfies Than You Do...

Hot Girl On Instagram Earns More Money Doing Selfies Than You Do From Work

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Good news for all you selfie addicts, it seems selfies can make you rich. Bad news is, you gotta look as hot as this girl.

One Australian model has been raking in the big bucks by posting selfies on Instagram. But wait a minute, you post selfies on Instagram, how come you’re not getting any richer? Well for one thing, she’s amazingly hot. I mean seriously. She’s got the body of a VS model and sponsors have taken notice.

21-year-old Gabby Epstein, a former state swimming champion turned model earns thousands of dollars a week just by being hot on Instagram. In fact she earns more money from one selfie than she does by working four days as a model.

So who gives her all this money? Well sponsors. Gabby’s Instagram selfies aren’t just normal selfies, they’re actually well placed product endorsements. Gabby endorses all kinds of products ranging from swimwear, watches, smoothies, tooth whitening products, and even pet supplies. Gabby Epstein Gabby Epstein

Okay so how do you get sponsors? Well you need at least 100,000 followers for sponsors to notice you so good luck with that. Big brands actually approach Insta-famous individuals who see them as potential advertising avenues.Gabby Epstein Gabby Epstein Gabby Epstein

Well the world isn’t a fair place, and it’s mostly the popular, beautiful people who still get all the money. So let’s just take a moment to appreciate the hotness that is Gabby Epstein.Gabby Epstein
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