In Japan, It Is Common For Women To Rent Boyfriends For A...

In Japan, It Is Common For Women To Rent Boyfriends For A Few Hours

Don’t want to spend your holidays all by yourself? Well, you are in luck if you are in Japan. Believe it or not, there are available boyfriends for rent in the country.

This gives women the opportunity to have a temporary companion without having any commitment at all.

Should you be interested for this one-of-a-kind service, the kyabakura (host and hostess club) is the place to go. These clubs are for entertainment purposes and so the boyfriends for hire – or hosts – are not allowed to do illicit acts. All they do is to engage in conversations with the client, along with serving drinks and food.

Interestingly, being a host is not an easy thing since it requires at least 2 years worth of training before they are allowed to work in the industry. So yes, women can use their money to have someone to be with during the holidays or at any other season for that matter.boyfriend for rent in japan boyfriend for rent in japan

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