Justin Bieber Yells At His Fans And Leaves The Stage In Rage

Justin Bieber Yells At His Fans And Leaves The Stage In Rage

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Yet another instance where Justin Bieber disappoints fans and leaves the stage.

Seems like The Biebs has no love left for his Beliebers as he angrily storms off the stage after yelling at a couple of his fans. Bieber has been known to just leave the stage like a little b*tch whenever he feels like it for reasons known only to him. This leaves his fans disappointed. Hell who wouldn’t be, they paid for a ticket and got nothing.

But in this one instance, The Biebs actually seems like the one wronged. The video shows Bieber trying to wipe the stage after a couple rowdy fans in the front row started spilling drinks all over the place. The dude just wanted to wipe the stage and get on with the show but the fans were having none of it.

The fans even seemed quite rude as he tried to talk and make them listen but they just weren’t listening and even laughing. Bieber had a long, hard week doing shows and was short on sleep and was obviously tired so when this happened that was the last straw. Bieber got pissed and left the stage with the fans left shocked and wondering. Some even giggling thinking it’s a joke.

Watch the video here:
Kinda makes you feel sorry for the guy doesn’t it? Love him or hate him, we all know that feeling when you’re crap tired and have to work but the world just doesn’t seem to cooperate.

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