Man Dies After Trying 40-Day Fasting Like Jesus Christ

Man Dies After Trying 40-Day Fasting Like Jesus Christ

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Dubbed by many as the “Jesus of Zimbabwe,” Khulu Reinfirst Manyuka, 73 years old, was recently found dead after he attempted to fast for 40 days – just like Jesus Christ did.

Reports said that Manyuka left his home to pray and draw closer to God, hoping to eliminate any “earthly distractions” along the way. Later on, the authorities discovered his dead body when he died from excessive hunger after not eating anything for 30 days.

One of Manyuka’s close relatives described him as a “very spiritual man” adding it is “unfortunate that he had to die this way.”

Despite his old age, it has been confirmed that he had a strong physical body and did not have any illnesses. Still, his body wasn’t able to achieve that unusual feat that the Messiah did back in his times.Khulu 2

In the New Testament, Jesus fasted for 40 days before starting on his ministry. During his fasting, Lucifer came tempting him and the Son of God shunned every temptation thrown at him.

What we can all learn from Manyuka’s story, of course, is that we can all never perfectly emulate Jesus Christ.  With all respects, the lesson here is: never try and out-Jesus the Son of God himself.Khulu

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