Scientists Discover New Drug That Can Reverse Your Age

Scientists Discover New Drug That Can Reverse Your Age

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Believe it or not, scientists have accidentally stumbled upon a new drug that can make you look younger.

This was the recent discovery made by a team of researchers experimenting on a drug for Alzheimer patients. To their surprise though, they found out that it had a different side-effect to the mice – it made the rodents look much younger.

Further tests were conducted to confirm the effect of the drug and it showed the same result. In fact, it was so successful that human tests are already on the horizons and will take place on 2016.

All of these took place at the Salk Institute in California. Initially, they were hoping that the J147, the new medicine, will eventually help people deal with the dreaded disease. Instead, they noticed that the laboratory mice had better cognition and memory as well as healthier blood vessels in the brain. Furthermore, the mice also had enhanced physical appearance.J147-Drug_a J147-Drug_b

If the next tests will be successful, then this discovery can be the next big thing in science. This could possibly one of the most exciting medicines to hit the market. It’s definitely easy to envision that this medicine will sell a lot across the world.

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