Study Claims Watching P*rn Damages Your Brain and Badly Affects Your Performance...

Study Claims Watching P*rn Damages Your Brain and Badly Affects Your Performance In Bed

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Did you know that watching too much pornography damages your brain and affects your performance in bed? This is what a recent study just confirmed.

Experts explain that porn viewing releases dopamine into your brain. Dopamine is the neurotransmitter that transmits feelings of reward and pleasure. Does that do bad things to you? Yes, it does because the more dopamine is released, the greater your tolerance to it becomes. In short, there’s a big tendency that you will become desensitized sooner or later.

According to JAMA Psychiatry, watching smut likewise dulls your ability to respond to sexual stimulation, meaning it will be more difficult for you to become aroused.brain2

Making things worse, reports also say that excessive exposure to porn actually shrinks your brain. That part of the brain that is linked with motivation gets smaller and smaller, depending on how much porn an individual watches.

Actually, it’s even said that the brain of porn watchers are being damaged the same way as those who consume drugs and alcohol.brain3

If that doesn’t scare you, then I know what else will! So stop clicking on those dirty videos if you’d want to be better in bed – and if you want to have a healthier brain.
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