Teacher Retains Her Job Despite Being Hated By Parents For Her ‘Pornographic’...

Teacher Retains Her Job Despite Being Hated By Parents For Her ‘Pornographic’ Instagram Pics

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We here at TheDailyScrolls have featured several controversial teachers in the past.

If you’re a regular site visitor, you probably remember that story about Fatima Grupico, the selfie-loving teacher who got arrested after sleeping with her student. Also, there’s hot art teacher Joanne Salley who lost her job after her nude pics went viral online (she later had a career change and became a boxer instead).

Now let’s meet Mindi Jensen, a teacher who was condemned by parents and school staff for her “inappropriate” and “pornographic” Instagram photos.

Well actually, Ms. Jensen is a bodybuilder and so she couldn’t help but post photos that show her body sometimes. At first, she gave in to everyone’s demands and set her account into private. Eventually, she put it back to public after several women contracted her, saying that her photos serve as an inspiration for them.Mindi JensenMindi Jensen

The result was that the North Sanpete Middle School (Mount Pleasant, Utah) later stopped insisting their instruction. Instead, they are now planning to hold an event teaching parents regarding “appropriate student internet usage.”

Mindi Jensen Mindi Jensen

Kudos to you, Ms. Jensen, for not taking a stand – and for not losing your job!
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