The Devastating Punch That Experts Are Calling The Knockout Of The Year

The Devastating Punch That Experts Are Calling The Knockout Of The Year

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It’s been a cold year for boxing this 2015 with not as many big fights delivering what was expected of them. It mostly falls on the smaller, less known bouts to truly wow us with amazing fights and brutal knockouts and this one fight surely didn’t disappoint.

Boxing experts and a hell of a lot of fans are already calling it the knockout of the year as Gabriel Bracero scored a spectacular knockout against Danny O’Connor in the first round. The fight took place on Lowell, Massachusetts at the Lowell Memorial Auditorium where it only took Bracero 41 seconds to put O’Connor to sleep on O’Connor’s own backyard.

Not known as a power puncher, the knockout came as a surprise to everyone as Bracero slipped O’Connor’s left to land and overhand right. The victory puts Bracero’s record at 24-2, and also Bracero’s 5th win by knockout, his first one in almost three years.

The fight is also O’Connor’s second loss to Bracero, their first meeting happening four and a half years ago.

Bracero himself was coming off a loss from undefeated Felix Diaz back in April and needed to win this fight as a confidence boost.Gabriel Bracero Knocks out Danny O'Connor

Interviewed after the fight Bracero had this to say:

“As far as the feeling, it’s an amazing feeling. My message to Danny was after my last loss, I went into a depression and I told him to pick himself back up and go home and be proud of himself. I didn’t want the same thing happening to him that happened to me. I worked on that punch in the gym. Because he’s a southpaw, so I had to keep my left leg outside of his right leg. It was just stepping over to the left and swinging with all my might. God bless Danny. God has blessed me with a second chance in life.”

Watch the knockout punch here:

Gabriel Bracero truly has the heart of a champion; humble in victory and gracious in defeat. He’s had a couple setbacks in his career and seems to now be on the right track. We wish him all the best.

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