This Chinese Boy Has The Longest Tongue In The World

This Chinese Boy Has The Longest Tongue In The World

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Aside from helping us determine different tastes, tongues are important for chewing, swallowing food, and even for talking. Unfortunately, a poor boy in China has a tongue that’s much longer than is necessary.

A 4-year-old boy named Teng has a tongue that’s three times bigger than normal because of a rare tumor. When he was born, he was diagnosed with lymphangioma, a benign cyst that has affected his ability to eat and speak because of extreme swelling. Eating has become near to impossible for him.

Teng’s family has been hoping that a surgery would be able to rescue their boy. But coming from a poor family that lives in an isolated village, they are having a hard time with this dream.

However, a recent photograph surfaced showing his loved ones waiting at a medical center in Nanning Guangxi Autonomous Region in South China. We sure hope that this means that Teng has received appropriate medical attention for his serious health problem. The boy definitely deserves to live a normal life, just like other kids do.

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