This Guy’s Neck Turned Black After A Nasty Bite By A False...

This Guy’s Neck Turned Black After A Nasty Bite By A False Widow Spider

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We all know Spider-Man’s superhero origin. As a teen, Peter Parker was accidentally bitten by a radioactive spider and thus he gained his wall-crawling powers and enhanced strength – with superhuman agility and spider-sense to boot.

In real life though, no one of us would want to get a spider bite. Spiders, after all, are very scary. These little buggers can scare the heck even out of the biggest guys – besides, some spiders can cause serious injuries or may even be lethal.

Take it from this guy named Sunil Dade. This 33-year-old guy was bitten by what appeared to be a false widow spider and it proved to be extremely painful.

As he described, “It was like I’d been struck by lightening. I started shaking, my legs, my arms, uncontrollably. I ran into the house crying and shouting for my younger brother Sandeep who’s 25, to help me.”

Before that, Sunil was washing in the garden. He added “(Sandeep) pointed to my hoodie. On top of it was the dead spider with a fat body just under an inch across. I’ve seen spiders with longer legs but this had this big hard black body, with white and grey on it, and it had these fangs. Only later did I look on the internet and find it was a venomous false widow spider.”False Widow Spider Bite

Doctors prescribed antibiotics for him but just a few days after the incident, his neck started to turn black. You can check out the pictures here:False Widow Spider Bite False Widow Spider Bite
So the next time you are in the garden – or anywhere else, for that matter, you better watch your back. You don’t want to have a crappy spider bite!
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