VIDEO: 3 Sumo Wrestlers in Hilarious Running Race Battle

VIDEO: 3 Sumo Wrestlers in Hilarious Running Race Battle

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Whether you are a fan of sumo wrestling or not, you will find this video wildly entertaining. In fact, I actually couldn’t stop laughing when I first saw this.

As you will see on the video, each of these three guys weigh around 30 stone. They, however, weren’t set out to battle each other on the squared circle. Instead, they were put on a race track.

Yes, you read that right – a race track. Their mission was to run and try to outdo one another. It’s really hilarious to watch and unsurprisingly, it quickly went viral on the web. Besides, who could resist seeing three massive sumo wrestlers doing something else other than slapping each other’s bodies?

Kento Amakaze, Tatsuaki Kaiho, and Kanata Takatenshu star in this 3-runner race. News about this first hit the internet when Masakatsu Ishiura, another sumo wrestler, tweeted it. That tweet alone immediately gained a lot of attention, getting 1,055 retweets and 1,109 favorites.Sumo Wrestlers race

My favorite part on the video though? Probably that part near the end when one of the wrestlers almost lost his “mawashi” (that belt sumo wrestlers wear) as he was running for the finish line.Sumo Wrestlers race

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